Changing behaviour. Moving brands. 


Influencing road users with insight driven strategy and creative. 


Our Expertise

With more than 12 years experience building building strategy, brands and creative for transport and automotive clients, nobody knows the road like we do.



Developing a deep understanding of your brand, the world it lives in, and where you want to take it. Conducting research to understand the attitudes, behaviours and motivations of your audience. Mapping a clear path to success.


Creating an identity that is a unique, compelling and true representation of your brand’s essence. More than just a strong visual identity, it’s a style of communicating and behaving that could only come from one brand. 


Bringing your brand to life in an impactful way that connects with your audience and achieves the desired behaviour change. 


Our Work


Re:act Initiative


Re:act is an initiative of Hard Edge in collaboration with Swinburne University. Each year we give a creative brief to design students that challenges them to raise awareness of a road safety issue and change behaviour among 18-25 year olds. 


Now in its third year, the 2018 Re:act brief focussed on safe interaction of road users with trucks.


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