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Our Expertise

Behaviour Change

Designing and creating campaigns and programs to educate, motivate and facilitate sustained behaviour change around important social and environmental issues.


Developing a deep understanding of your brand, the world it lives in, and where you want to take it. Conducting research to understand the attitudes, behaviours and motivations of your audience. Mapping a clear path to success.


Creating an identity that is a unique, compelling and true representation of your brand’s essence and that connects with its audience. More than just a strong visual identity, it’s a style of communicating and behaving that could only come from one brand.



Bringing your brand to life in an impactful way that connects with its audience and delivers results. Campaign concept development, advertising, branded content, packaging design, video production, copywriting, UX design, we could go on...


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Our Services



• Brand Discovery Workshops
• Primary Research
• Competitor Research and Analysis
• Brand and Marketing Strategy
• Communications Strategy
• Digital Strategy
• Content and Social Media Strategy
• Marketing Activity Planning


• Brand Identity
• Brand Style Guides
• Brand Architecture


• Concept Development
• Advertising
• Copywriting
• Graphic and Digital Design
• Direct Marketing
• Custom Publishing
• Packaging Design
• Branded Content
• Video Production


• Online Advertising and Development
• User Experience (UX) Design and Wireframes
• Website Design and Development
• Social Media Management and
Content Development
• 3D Animation
• Motion Graphics
• Stop Motion

Re:act Initiative


Re:act is an initiative of Hard Edge in collaboration with Swinburne University. Each year we give a creative brief to design students that challenges them to raise awareness of road safety issues and change behaviour among 18-25 year olds. 


Our Clients


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