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Seco Sparkling Branding

Seco Sparkling

Brand strategy
Brand identity development
Packaging design

In 2016 Hard Edge was approached to conceptualise and develop branding for a new range of premium soft drinks. Positioned as a sophisticated alternative, the brand needed to appeal to consumers looking for more from a non-alcoholic drink. With intriguing natural flavours and a refreshingly dry taste, Seco Sparkling is targeted at those who appreciate good food and drink, and are always looking to try new things. We developed a brand that reflected the purity and minimalism of the product, with a name that can be interpreted as refreshingly dry and sophisticated in any language, with strong ‘foodie’ associations. We were proud to see Seco Sparkling hit shelves for the first time in late 2017. With an initial launch in Australia, Seco Sparkling has a firm eye on international expansion. 



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