No ifs, just putts — a brand experience with a difference

Standing out from the crowd is difficult in such a competitive business landscape. Holy Moley Mini Golf Bar has scored a ‘hole in one’ with its creative Melbourne bar experience.

This isn’t just a regular Melbourne hang-out. It’s a bar showcasing colourful pop culture references through a cleverly designed 27-hole mini golf course. It takes going out to ‘par-tee’ to a ‘hole’ new level (no more puns — well, we’ll try anyway).

The level of detail and thought that has gone into the course is incredible, including the ability to change and rotate holes to keep the experience fresh and add an element of surprise and delight for patrons.

“One hole begins by navigating your ball through a refurbished pinball table,” say the folks at Broadsheet. “From there the ball drops onto a foosball table, and it becomes a two-player game: whoever scores gets a bonus point. Then there’s a Game of Thrones hole, with a throne made from putters.”

It’s all about experience

This experience seems truly engaging, taking the user through a memorable experience and leaving them wanting more. The concept is all about creating a brand experience that evokes a behavioural response. Something this clever creates its own hype, which in turn makes the experience appealing to others and ‘shareable’ through social media and word of mouth.

This memorable experience sets this brand apart from others. And isn’t that the goal – creating something customers love and want to share with their inner circle?

It’s a great example of being disruptive in a saturated market (there’s not many pubs to choose from in Melbourne) and creating something fun and inspiring that sets you apart from everyone else.


You know where we’ll be ‘teeing up’ (sorry, couldn’t resist one more) Friday night work drinks from now on.


Image and content sources: BroadsheetHoley Moley.

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