Women’s Aid: 'Look At Me' interactive billboard


World-first visually powered interactive billboard campaign targets domestic violence.

The thinking behind the attention-grabbing ‘Look at me’ interactive billboard in London reflects the messaging it aims to get across to the public.

As part of a Women’s Aid campaign to ‘open our eyes’ to the fact one quarter of women are affected by domestic violence, the interactive billboard uses innovative facial recognition and gaze tracking technology to detect when people stop and look at the screen.

When they do, the woman’s beaten and bruised face begins to heal. Swelling subsides, bruising disappears. The more people stop and look, the more the woman’s face returns to a healthy state.

The campaign aims to show that we can all help end domestic violence just by taking notice of the issue, rather than ‘turning a blind eye’.

The WCRS campaign has won more than 20 awards, including gold at Cannes.

Hit play and see for yourself.


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